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"We Hunt All Day Every Day!"
A normal day of North Dakota hunting here at Central Dakota Lodge is anything but normal. We are fortunate to be located in an area that not only has the best North Dakota pheasant hunting, but also the best North Dakota duck hunting. We specialize in waterfowl and upland combination hunt. Because of this you will experience three different hunts each day of your trip. A morning hunt, an afternoon hunt, and an evening hunt. The area around the lodge is home to an unbelievable amount of waterfowl that are born and raised right here. Our area is also a major stopping point for thousands of migrating birds each year as they make their journey south. The season starts around the first Saturday in October and we book hunts usually through the first week of November.
  The Morning Hunt
Most mornings will find us setting up large spreads of full body, shell, and silhouette decoys in one of our endless agricultural fields. We'll put you in position awaiting the first flight of birds to leave their roosts on the water in route to their feeding locations in comfortable, commercial, low profile lay out blinds. We utilize comfortable commercial low profile lay out blinds. These blinds allow us to blend in to the different types of vegetation and to stay mobile in order to hunt exactly where the birds are feeding. This style of hunting offers some extremely close bird work for exciting up close action. You will be hunting for Geese, Sandhill Cranes, Ducks, or a combination of these in this dry field hunting scenario. The birds most often feed in the barley, wheat, peas, beans, or corn fields and this is exactly where we pursue them. Many of our guests see more birds in a single morning than they have ever seen before.
  The Afternoon Hunt
The afternoon hunts will put you in pursuit of upland birds on our hunting grounds. Pheasants, Sharptail Grouse, and Hungarian Partridge all call this land home. Our main focus is on the large population of pheasants that live in this area. You will hunt these native birds in the cattail sloughs, tree lines, and C.R.P. fields that they use for cover. Your pheasant hunt is done with your party and your guide only, we never mix groups. You will shoot your birds over dogs, either ours or yours. We have a great group of well-trained, experienced labrador retrievers, but we encourage you to bring your own dog if you want. We feel this is the most rewarding and intimate style of hunting. Once you've experienced it, we think you'll quickly agree with us.
  The Evening Hunt
The evening hunt is a water duck hunt done on one of our countless bodies of water, we call "potholes." The potholes are home to the largest number of breeding ducks found anywhere in the world. This style of hunt is what North Dakota hunting is famous for. We utilize the natural cattails that surround the potholes as our blinds, and set out water decoys to convince the birds to commit to the setup. This can be an action packed hunt, but also a great way to unwind as you watch the sun set on the beautiful North Dakota prairie. The most common types of ducks you will see are Mallards, Gadwalls, Pintails, Green Wing Teal, Blue Wing Teal, Wigeon, Redheads, Canvasbacks, Blue Bills, Ringnecks, and Buffleheads. The species you will shoot depends on the type of pothole that you hunt. Although we do get a large migration of birds as the season progresses, we don't need to wait for the birds to arrive to hunt them. This is because of the large population of birds that are born and raised right here on our hunting grounds.
  Why go hunt where you have to wait for the birds to come to you? Come hunt where the birds are!
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